• preparationPreparation

    A faultless finish demands rigorous initial conditions.
    With its extensive experience, PYP is ideally placed to advise customers on the best choice of paint to meet their specific needs.
    PYP has developed best practices capable of ensuring an exceptionally clean atmosphere and minimizing the risks of dust contamination (access strictly controlled under confinement during paint application phases).
    To ensure optimum working conditions throughout the paintwork project, PYP works in cooperation with logistics companies to handle operations such as scaffolding, confinement, removal of fittings, etc.
    PYP fits secondary confinement before applying each coat of paint, to optimize application conditions (extremely low dust level, full control of atmosphere, etc.).
    Special attention is given to ventilation and extraction systems, regular filter cleaning, regular servicing of paint application equipment, and proper use of personnel protective gear (clothing, masks, etc.).
  • protectionProtection

    PYP also offers a service for removal and remount of fittings, and replacement of seals around windows and portholes, in stainless steel, teak, etc.
    All no-paint areas are systematically protected consistent with work practices. Protection is regularly checked and replaced before each coast of paint.
  • traitementTreatment

    Sanding: Meticulous sanding is essential before each application of products (coating, undercoat, main coats). The care taken at this stage will largely determine the adhesion of the product to be applied.

    Fairing: This is a trade in itself! PYP fields a team dedicated to this task, and may call in outside specialists if warranted by the complexity or scope of the project.

    Cleaning: Meticulous cleaning is an essential prerequisite for proper application of primers, undercoats and finishing coats. Again, the quality of the cleaning determines the adhesion of the product to be applied, and the amount of dust in the finishing lacquer.

    Application of primers and undercoats: Primers and undercoats are applied by personnel specially trained in this delicate task. Before each coat is applied, the condition of the surface is thoroughly checked to ensure it is entirely free of contamination (traces of grease, non-sanded areas, etc.). Products are mixed with the greatest care as regards proportions, induction times, etc. The quantities applied are calculated consistent with the manufacturer's recommended thicknesses.
  • Confinements secondairesFinishing

    At this, doubtless the most exciting phase in the project, personnel attention is at its peak. The meticulous attention given to the preparatory stages must be carried through to this final stage, culminating in delivery of top-quality work. The whole of the boat is meticulously washed, along with the scaffolding and the confinement. Then another confinement is put up and masking films fitted around the scaffolding to minimize the risks of dust and other contamination. Lacquer is applied with the utmost concentration, and the person applying the lacquer is closely followed by an assistant, who checks the work as it proceeds and comments on it as appropriate.

    Delivery and acceptance: The finished work is usually checked 24 hours after completion. Upon approval by the PYP project manager, the customer is invited to inspect, comment and pronounce acceptance of the work. Upon customer acceptance, the finish is carefully protected through to final delivery of the boat.
  • garantieGuarantee and follow-up

    PYP guarantees its paintwork and provides follow-up through teams covering a large part of the Mediterranean coastline.

    PYP promises a 48-hour response to all follow-up requests.

  • Confinement FINISHING